10 Website Views You Should Not Ignore

You can look at a house in a plan view, a front view, an electricity wiring view, or even an x-ray view if you are investigating what’s going on inside the walls. Views are very powerful. Success and productivity hinge on you being able to skillfully select and use the appropriate views of your problem domain.

Website Views You Should Not Ignore

Don’t write off these 10 Website Views before you try them. They payback so much and will enable your website content to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

  1. The 3D Style Sheet View (CSS View)
  2. The Content Keywords View
  3. The Google Analytics Views
  4. The Outgoing Links View
  5. The Website Structure View (Categories and Tags)
  6. Your Web Server Statistics View (AWStats)
  7. Your Website Task List, Bug List, Feature List
  8. Your Website Maintenance Schedule List
  9. Your Website Internal Link Structure
  10. Your Website Bibliography View

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