About Us

We all think the world owes us a favour.
Clearly – It doesn’t!

But at the very least – it owes us an explanation.

The internet is a downpayment.
It goes some way towards meeting this obligation.

And us?
We are just doing our bit!
Nothing more. Nothing less.

Building Business Websites

To build a business website requires a horrendous amount of knowledge.

Technology yes! Virtualization. Clouds. Managed Services. Bandwidth. Public Key Cryptography and Secure Sockets.

And that’s not all. Content Management. WordPress Themes and Plugins. Search Engine Optimization. Social Integration. Web Services. Software Development. Mobile Apps. Google. Agile. Business Intelligence. Continuous Delivery. Geo-Coordinates. Content Scraping. Data Protection. Cookies. Object Orientation.

The Concept

The Big IT firms don’t explain anything that doesn’t involve them.
The little people blog on problems and small howtos.

Build business websites is trying to bring it all together. It wants you to see the wider context – but also to get useful things done from top to tail. Like

  • grabbing a cloud machine and installing the services you need.
  • like getting public key signed by a certification authority so that you can handle sensitive data
  • like getting traffic to your website using a big bag of some pretty serious tools.
  • like punching above your weight and providing true services (over and above blogs) to real people

By The People

build-business-websites.co.uk is a collective on 3 levels.

  • those who contribute articles – we provide a link back (by way of thanks) to their respective URLs
  • those who actively build business websites – we pool resources and provide sustenance as and when necessary
  • those that enjoy, read, reference, abhor, delight over and keep all the bits of metal and silicon very warm.

For The People

When you build a business website – more often than not you are building it for ordinary people. The likes of you, me and them.

Building websites is more about people today, than it has ever been.

The likes of you, me and them.

Our Mission and Values

build-business-websites.co.uk is a not-for-profit that rewards innovation and excellence in the technology sphere. We believe in traditional values of decency and trust. Online advertising is kept to a bare minimum and we don’t send unsolicited e-mails. We think about the environment, and the impact our activities are having, on that same environment – today and in the future.

In our endeavours we harbour ambitions to be local levellers, to command regional respect, and to collectively gain national notoriety.

In some ways we want to make a name for ourselves. In others, we already have.

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