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AWS User Data Script | Auto Provision a Windows EC2 Instance

How to Script (Auto Provision) an AWS Windows EC2 Instance To auto provision an AWS Windows instance with a script that runs when the instance comes up – is a common (but poorly documented requirement). Scroll down for links to other net resources on this subject. Intro | AWS User Data Script that Auto Provisions a Windows Server We are

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Ruby’s Native String Handlers

String Handling in Ruby If nothing else, Ruby is the bees knees at manipulating strings. Try and avoid regular expressions as they are hard to read – often you can avoid them and use one of Ruby’s many in-built string tools instead. UpperCase | LowerCase | Ruby’s Case Managers str.capitalize Return a copy of str capitalized # “string” => “String”

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Swap Space | How to Provision Swap

When and Why to Add Swap Space Without swap space – the below middleware will either fail to install or will behave badly once installed. These include GitLab (for businesses who must host their own Git repositories) Jira (a Java web application for collaborating on projects) Jenkins (a job runner used to continuously integrate java software). Swap space does not

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Tar Archives | How to Create

tar -czf ./zip-file-2b-created.tar.gz -C $HOME/mirror.temp.assets scm-assets -C is the path NOT in the zip file but exists on local file system scm-assets is FOLDER IN CURRENT DIRECTORY stuffed FULL of the stuff you want to compress and zip. So final parameter will BE IN THE ZIP FILE and when unpacking they will get a folder called scm-assets.

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How To Connect A Domain Name to AWS (EC2) Instance

Route 53 Record Sets | Map a Registered Domain onto an Amazon Machine (ec2) Instance Observable Value You have registered a domain like and you want the browser url to serve the index.html page on the apache2 middleware web server. Pre-Conditions you have registered a domain name with Amazon’s Route 53. Route 53 sets up (1) hosted zone

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How to Install GitLab on Ubuntu 16.04

The GitLab install on Ubuntu is the subject of this article. GitLab is resource hungry and fails when installed on VirtualBox VMs, Amazon Cloud EC2, and other “light” platforms. How to Install GitLab – 3 Steps Installing GitLab on a VirtualBox VM is first up and then we will discuss the differences for provisioning GitLab in its likely home on

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