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@todo – The Website Builder’s Todo List

Tasks 4 Project Managers Use this resource to setup your project plan. Each website build, launch and evolve project requires a repertoire needs a tripartite view of the todo list. Systems Related – Infrastructure, Applications and Services People Related – Skills, Roles, Responsibilities, Contacts, Social Process Related – Build, Maintenance and Evolution Processes Business Related – Products, Services, Clients, Stakeholders,

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AWStats | Apache and MySQL Log Analyzer

AWStats is most commonly used to produce Website Statistics and Analytics for the Apache Web Server. But it is happy to do the same for many of your workhorse middleware packages including Apache Tomcat, JBOSS and more FTP and SFTP Software MySQL Database Email – Postfix and Sendmail The Death of Google Analytics If you are building a business website

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How to Structure a Website | Category vs Tag | Post vs Page | SEO

Website Content Structure Guided by Flowcharts The way you choose to structure (organize) your website’s content is the single most important decision for SEO through Structured Data Markup and Semantic Forms – if Google’s crawler “gets it” – your site will shoot up (evidence given) Real People – if they “get” your site’s structure they will use it instead of

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