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AWStats is most commonly used to produce Website Statistics and Analytics for the Apache Web Server. But it is happy to do the same for many of your workhorse middleware packages including

The Death of Google Analytics

If you are building a business website – indeed any website that you care about – you will want to have accurate visitor numbers.

Google Analytics was the bastion of website analytics – but it has been unworkable for small sites because of hackers and scammers. Also Google Analytics cannot help provide you with the following vital information

  • brute force attacks – (say if hackers are bashing your WordPress login to attain the password)
  • usage stats for images (jpegs, pngs), documents (PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT) and media (MP3, AVI, TAR) downloads

The stats inside Google Analytics are unreliable because of attacks by the likes of semalt, darodar, simple share buttons, youp04n and other maledictables. The attacks happen by

  • inserting your Google Analytics code into their pages, so you get thousands of hits which never came close
  • setting up false referrals (say with 100% bounce rate) to draw you into their websites when you investigate

More about Google Analytics here and here.

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