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How To Connect A Domain Name to AWS (EC2) Instance

Route 53 Record Sets | Map a Registered Domain onto an Amazon Machine (ec2) Instance Observable Value You have registered a domain like and you want the browser url to serve the index.html page on the apache2 middleware web server. Pre-Conditions you have registered a domain name with Amazon’s Route 53. Route 53 sets up (1) hosted zone

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The wrong way is the common way! Before doing right, let’s touch on what is used for and the common way (the wrong way) of working with it. | What is it For? You’ll find the file either in the user’s home directory or off it inside a dot prefixed folder. You’ll find it in Windows (for

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ISO 3166 Codes in JAVA, JSON …

ISO-3166 Geographical Areas Here are 4,898 geographical area ISO-3166 codes with their hierarchical attributes as a JSON document a CSV Format (Microsoft Excel) Tab Delimited File Each ISO-3166 code comes with the geo area name and a “type” like country or district or prefecture or even continent. The type describes the geographical area. Geo area longitude and latitudes also come

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Install Tomcat on AWS Ubuntu and IDE

Install Tomcat on | Ubuntu | Windows | Amazon EC2 | Docker | Intellij | Jenkins To install Tomcat 7, Tomcat 8 and Tomcat 9 is a habitual task because Tomcat is synonymous with Java web application development. You install Apache Tomcat on a local Windows or Linux (Ubuntu) Server on the Amazon AWS cloud EC2 machines within Docker and

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How Containers Send SMS and E-Mail

You want to send notifications via SMS, E-Mail, WhatsApp as well as to and from your own custom-built iPhone, iPad and Android apps. You need to send the notifications and messages to and from Docker containers, the Amazon cloud’s EC2 machines, AWS S3 buckets, VirtualBox virtual machines and Java (or Groovy) containerized machines. Container Notifications in the Amazon AWS Cloud

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JSON Jackson | Can not deserialize instance of Integer out …

Can not deserialize instance of java.lang.Integer out of START_ARRAY token Jackson (JSON) Deserialize Exception What is the Exception Text? – Can not deserialize instance of java.lang.Integer out of START_ARRAY token Who throws Exception? – Jackson Parser When does the Exception get thrown? – When parsing a JSON string and converting it into a JAVA object. Why does it throw it?

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JSON and JAVA Syntax Highlighters – Do it in Style?

Here are 7 ways to highlight JSON and JAVA code. The methods are a tad creative – but they need to be because there is no perfect silver bullet solution to highlighting your JSON, JAVA, SQL, JSON-LD, Maven, SBT and ANT syntax. You Can Highlight JAVA and JSON Syntax Syntax Highlighting is tough if you don’t know how. Highlighting JAVA

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How to Deserialize JSON for Inheritance With Jackson

Jackson can now deserialize a JSON based hierarchical model into a POJO (plain old java object) graph. Jackson, JSON, JAVA, Multi-Level Inheritance Hierarchy Your search for a Jackson, JSON, Java multi-level inheritance example is over. This JSON unmarshall example is simple yet comprehensive. It has no annotations to pollute your POJOs. It allows you to put behaviour into your POJOs

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Json Jackson Hierarchy Data

The JSON Shapes Inheritance and Hierarchy Example { “polygons”: [ “java.util.ArrayList”, [ [ “com.launderdata.inheritance.Triangle”, { “colour”: “Yellow”, “description”: “A yellow right angled triangle.”, “sideLengths”: [ “java.util.ArrayList”, [5,12,13] ], “baseLength”: 5, “heightLength”: 12 } ], [ “com.launderdata.inheritance.Triangle”, { “colour”: “Blue”, “description”: “A blue right angled triangle.”, “sideLengths”: [ “java.util.ArrayList”, [3,4,5] ], “baseLength”: 3, “heightLength”: 4 } ], [ “com.launderdata.inheritance.Equilateral”, { “colour”:

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