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VirtualBox Install on Ubuntu – TroubleShoot Guide

Our Actions sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-dkms sudo apt-get autoremove I then realized that VirtualBox had alread installed I did not konw how to check it had installed – was using the VBoxManage command. So to checkout whether it installed or not do this Type ALT + F2 Type virtualbox (just virt will bring it up if it has already installed).

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How to Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu Client ( 11.04 and 12.04 )

VirtualBox Ubuntu apt-get Repository You (may not) WILL NOT need all the tedious repository setup in the 2nd half of this doc. Why not? Because there is a version from Ubuntu that does NOT require the repository oracle key rubbish. This section will likely contain (if installing on Ubuntu 12.04) ALL the necessary commands. @todo – Setup Ubuntu 12.04 client

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How To Trace A Network Route To An Internet Machine

In Windows you use the command tracert but in Linux (Ubuntu/Red Hat etc) the command traceroute prevails. Look at the trace illustration going to a machine by the name of Trace Route Illustration The command entered is tracert The trace shows as the IP Address of the Virtual Amazon AWS Cloud Server is You can verify this

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How to Generate a CSR using OpenSSL

So how do you generate a certificate signing request for the Apache Web Server using the Linux command line and the OpenSSL utility? Generating CSR From OpenSSL Pre-Conditions Linux servers come with openssl as standard. You do not need to install anything before running this command. Just go to the shell and type the below. If you have two domains

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