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7 Things Hackers Want | What Motivates Hackers | Hack Advice

Awareness of what motivates hackers is half the job. Hackers aren’t Robin Hood types liberating government secrets and redistributing wealth. They mostly go after small sites, and clouds don’t help. Google Analytics is a Target Google Analytics is a big target for hackers simply due to the number of eyeballs on it from small website developers and owners. The basic

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Simple Share Buttons (Google Analytics)

If Google Analytics reports referral traffic from simple share buttons (or darodar) to your site all with a 100% bounce rate (and zero visit time), you are a victim of the simple share buttons (and/or Darodar) scam. Why is this scam harmful to you? The short answer is that Google Analytics registers a 100% Bounce Rate Simple Share Buttons Scam

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Google Analytics – The 7 KPI’s

Google Analytics – 7 #s Make All the Difference Service Class : Business Intelligence Tools, Dashboard, Website Analytics Service Owner : Google Inc Value Proposition ✈ Evolving a website’s quality and increasing its traffic and reputation can be done methodically when employing the services of Google Analytics. Without it, updating your website’s current content and adding new content becomes little

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