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How to Customize Subversion HTML Index Template

Why Brand Subversion Index Page Why re-brand the Subversion home page – it gives your users a consistent look and feel as they browse your intranet or version controlled assets. The current page template is minimalistic even for open source standards. View the source of Subversion's home page and you will see <html><head><title>assets – Revision 0: /</title></head> <body> <h2>assets -

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HTML Symbols and Codes

How to Rotate Text 180 Wrap the symbol in a span tag and set the class as rotate-180. The rotate-180 style CSS definition is in the commons css file. rotate-180 The Commons CSS File can be found here Or just add this line into your HTML header and the style is ready for use. <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” type=”text/css”> HTML

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Google Chrome Has a Warning Yellow Triangle and Grey Padlock on https – Help!

The Google Chrome warning yellow triangle when using HTTPS is disappointing after all your effort Creating a signed certificate request(public/private key pair) Contacting a Certificate Authority (CA) and paying for a countersign service Installing the SSL Certificate into Apache Setting up WordPress Admin or Forcing Apache to Use SSL Troubleshooting a Google Https Warning Triangle (Grey Padlock) Internet Explorer does

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