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BindException | How to Stop a Java Process on Ubuntu Listening on a Port

After a Java BindException on Ubuntu (from Jetty, Nexus, Jenkins, Jira) you may need to ascertain the details of the process listening on the port. And then stop it listening without a reboot. 1. The Java BindException? The BindException is like this. jvm 1 | Address already in use jvm 1 | at Method) ~[na:1.8.0_91] jvm 1 |

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Fight Complex Software (And Win) | How to Name Methods | The List of Method Types

The Worst Problems Look Like Solutions Complex software looks like a solution. Problems that are hard to root out often have this trait? And when problems look like solutions, their solutions invariably look like problems. The 7 Biggest Problems that lead to unmanageable software spills the beans. The 7 Biggest Problems Leading to Unmanageable Software Problem 1 » Software developers

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