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How to Configure OrientDB on Ubuntu

What HTTP port is OrientDb listening on? After starting OrientDB the Log4J output will contain a line telling us which HTTP port it is listening on. 2016-04-17 04:42:15:457 INFO Listening http connections on (protocol v.10, socket=default) [OServerNetworkListener] Port 2480 is what the above line says. Access OrientDb via HTTP and Bin Build the URL like this. http://–server-hostname–:2480/ The output

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AWStats | Apache and MySQL Log Analyzer

AWStats is most commonly used to produce Website Statistics and Analytics for the Apache Web Server. But it is happy to do the same for many of your workhorse middleware packages including Apache Tomcat, JBOSS and more FTP and SFTP Software MySQL Database Email – Postfix and Sendmail The Death of Google Analytics If you are building a business website

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