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DevOps | 7 Steps to Automate a Delivery Pipeline

The 7 DevOps Interactions that Automate Software Delivery No other website provides a detailed guide on how to automate your entire software delivery pipeline. DevOps is what Google, Amazon and Twitter use to deliver working software once, (sometimes twice) a day. It is also known as Continuous Delivery – and the point is to automate the software delivery pipeline –

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How to Install Maven 3 on Ubuntu 16.04

What Is Maven Maven is a build tool. It is great at building Java projects. Maven doesn’t act alone – its power is about bringing a lot of tools together to effect the build. It unites compilers, dependency managers, unit test managers and coverage reporting tools, packagers, javadoc producers and so on. Maven’s greatest power – and the feature that

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IntelliJ – Integrated Development Environment for Java Centric Projects

IntelliJ is today’s best Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Use IntelliJ for Play2 Web App Development Google Android App Development Plain Old Java Development Scala, Angular, SBT, Maven etc Eclipse vs IntelliJ Google’s choice of IntelliJ (by JetBrains) to be the de-facto Android App Development Environment for Android was the final nail in Eclipse’s coffin. Save for an auto-save feature

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