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AWS EC2 | Open Route to Install Middleware Services Behind Apache

This page describes the procedure for opening and locking ports during a middleware services installation. Middleware Service Installation When installing middleware services behind the Apache Web Server on Amazon Web Services (EC2) you sometimes need to allow traffic to flow temporarily on one of the unsecure ports. The way described does not pose a security threat primarily because you are

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Moving Image | Lamborghini Aventador

Remember the Website Content Checklist The website content checklist states the Key Pages Every Website Needs. This page is an example of moving image. Your website content must include moving images of any size, shape or form. These could be tutorials, related videos, ads, illustrations and even personnel profiles. Videos with you in it builds trust. Videos with your products

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Site Position in Google | 10 Ways to View Your Search Rank Performance

Seeing your site differently in Google’s SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) is “Must Have” skill for any website builder/promoter and SEO enthusiast. Why? A website’s search ranking is customized around the person who did the search. So to understand your site’s strengths and weaknesses, you should view your website through 10 different angles. Isn’t Google Analytics Google Enough? In short,

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