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DevOps | auto provision an intelliJ software development eco system

to auto-provision an eco-system for java software development automate manual tasks that take time – is the DevOps culture – and setting up a development stack takes time, so we automate it java development stack components Which components orbit an IntelliJ or Eclipse IDE. How do we automate the creation of a ready-to-use software development environment? Let’s start at the

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Automate Java Dev Setup | IntelliJ | Maven | Cargo

You want to automate the provisioning of a Java Web (REST) development stack. We will employ Maven, IntelliJ, Cargo, Tomcat, Selinium on either a Windows or Linux platform. The resulting application must be buildable and runnable inside IntelliJ, by Jenkins, and on the Windows and Linux command lines. Provisioning a Stack for Java WebApp Development You can use Chocolatey to

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Chocolatey | Ruby | Provision Windows Software Development Environment

Script Install a Windows Software Development Environment using Chocolatey, Ruby amd As Chocolatey is the most complete and popular package manager for Windows, it is the ideal choice for installing the software tooling typical in a software developmnet environment based on Java. is a real-world software model that exemplifies the art of developing a microservices application with DevOps

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DevOps | Provisioning and Service Discovery Convention (MongoDb Example)

How do you auto-provision an application service? This (real-world) example uses Vagrant and Ruby to auto-provision MongoDb for a Java application. installation is a small part of provisioning. Pay attention to the convention used. Understand the convention and you can auto-provision any middleware service using any iaas technology for any application. The 3 Provisioning Steps There are 3 distinct steps

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MSSQL | Configure SQL Server for Remote TCP/IP Connections

These instructions work for Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server Express. You can connect remotely through port 1433 from Windows and/or Linux instances. Configure SQL Server for Remote TCP/IP Connections Connecting remotely to SQL Server requires that you switch on SQL Server authentication, enable the TCP/IP protocol, and restart SQL Server so that the changes take

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