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DevOps | 7 Steps to Automate a Delivery Pipeline

The 7 DevOps Interactions that Automate Software Delivery No other website provides a detailed guide on how to automate your entire software delivery pipeline. DevOps is what Google, Amazon and Twitter use to deliver working software once, (sometimes twice) a day. It is also known as Continuous Delivery – and the point is to automate the software delivery pipeline –

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How to Setup Archiva Behind Apache

For those who need an industry grade Archiva installation and http://localhost:8181/ is not good enough. Apache Archiva Behind Mummy Apache We want to install Apache Archiva so that an Apache Web Server acts to proxy the requests received from the internet. We benefit from a cleaner URL and HTTPS (SSL) becomes an option when hiding behind Apache’s huge skirts.

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How Repositories Work | Archiva

PDF of Archiva repository manager user and administrator guide. Archiva Repository Manager Reference Guide The Archiva complete reference for both users and administrators. The document shows you how to install and configure archiva. It contains instructions for deploying java archives from a Jenkins continuous integration build or from Maven itself. Primarily, those that depend on your software can access released

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