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Chocolatey | Ruby | Provision Windows Software Development Environment

Script Install a Windows Software Development Environment using Chocolatey, Ruby amd As Chocolatey is the most complete and popular package manager for Windows, it is the ideal choice for installing the software tooling typical in a software developmnet environment based on Java. is a real-world software model that exemplifies the art of developing a microservices application with DevOps

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How to Install OrientDB on Linux

OrientDB and Java OrientDB offers many advantages to Java software developers including the ability to run their applications inside the same Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as OrientDB. As no ORM (object-relational mapping) layer exists between your POJO classes and OrientDB’s object schema, there is no impedance mismatch to drag down productivity. The OrientDB Manual (in PDF Format) The OrientDB manual

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Route Jenkins SSL Traffic Via an Apache Proxy Server

How to Route Jenkins HTTP Requests Through Apache Mapping SSL traffic destined for Jenkins via an Apache proxy server is a continuation of Routing Jenkins HTTP Requests Through Apache. Jenkins 2 Admin Password Requires SSL If your Jenkins server is out in the big wide internet, it needs protection. Jenkins 2 brings administrator passwords – if you use plain HTTP

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Jenkins Behind Apache | How to Configure Apache as a Proxy for Jenkins

How to Route Jenkins HTTP Requests Through Apache If Jenkins is part of your toolset, it pays to run it behind Apache. 1. You do not want 2. So change it to The clutch of tools in the domain all share the “behind Apache” middleware pattern. Jenkins at MediaWiki at Subversion at This page

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Subversion Repository Security | 4 Security Configurations | Choose One

Subversion Repository Security Configuration We've outlined 4 security configurations to help you secure your Subversion repository (or other similar middleware services). a Maximum Security Configuration a Good Security Configuration an Open Source Security Configuration a Weak (But Simple) Security Configuration Maximum Security Configuration For maximum read/write security to a repository in a cloud you should access it by setting up

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