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DevOps | Provisioning and Service Discovery Convention (MongoDb Example)

How do you auto-provision an application service? This (real-world) example uses Vagrant and Ruby to auto-provision MongoDb for a Java application. installation is a small part of provisioning. Pay attention to the convention used. Understand the convention and you can auto-provision any middleware service using any iaas technology for any application. The 3 Provisioning Steps There are 3 distinct steps

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Install MongoDB on Ubuntu

MongoDb will soon be the de-facto data and document storage engine. Spring Java, PHP and JavaScript savvy developers are MongoDb’s biggest fan thanks to the productivity boost delivered by Mongo’s clever ground-breaking design. Those that love SQL hate Mongo – goes the rule of thumb. Either way Mongo is here to stay so use this resource to install, lock-down, backup

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ISO 3166 Codes in JAVA, JSON …

ISO-3166 Geographical Areas Here are 4,898 geographical area ISO-3166 codes with their hierarchical attributes as a JSON document a CSV Format (Microsoft Excel) Tab Delimited File Each ISO-3166 code comes with the geo area name and a “type” like country or district or prefecture or even continent. The type describes the geographical area. Geo area longitude and latitudes also come

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