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How to Install OrientDB on Linux

OrientDB and Java OrientDB offers many advantages to Java software developers including the ability to run their applications inside the same Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as OrientDB. As no ORM (object-relational mapping) layer exists between your POJO classes and OrientDB’s object schema, there is no impedance mismatch to drag down productivity. The OrientDB Manual (in PDF Format) The OrientDB manual

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How to Configure OrientDB on Ubuntu

What HTTP port is OrientDb listening on? After starting OrientDB the Log4J output will contain a line telling us which HTTP port it is listening on. 2016-04-17 04:42:15:457 INFO Listening http connections on (protocol v.10, socket=default) [OServerNetworkListener] Port 2480 is what the above line says. Access OrientDb via HTTP and Bin Build the URL like this. http://–server-hostname–:2480/ The output

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