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Automate Java Dev Setup | IntelliJ | Maven | Cargo

You want to automate the provisioning of a Java Web (REST) development stack. We will employ Maven, IntelliJ, Cargo, Tomcat, Selinium on either a Windows or Linux platform. The resulting application must be buildable and runnable inside IntelliJ, by Jenkins, and on the Windows and Linux command lines. Provisioning a Stack for Java WebApp Development You can use Chocolatey to

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How to Install Nexus on Ubuntu 16.04

If you manage more than one JAVA module – you’ll need Nexus. Nexus works best alongside JAVA (.jar, .ear, .war) or Groovy or Scala software a Jenkins Continuous Integration Server (or Continuum or Hudson) a Maven or ANT or SBT or Gradle build management tool Before installing your Nexus repository – come see ours, in the flesh. see our Nexus

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Install Tortoise Subversion (SVN Client) for Windows Explorer

How to Install Tortoise on Windows To install Tortoise Subversion (SVN) Client onto a 64 Bit Windows architecture you download and run this MSI installer. Download Tortoise SVN Client for (64-Bit) Windows Now You can also download it straight from the Tortoise SVN Downloads Page. Once you have the installer – run it and Tortoise SVN Subversion client will be

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How to Install Maven 3 on Ubuntu 16.04

What Is Maven Maven is a build tool. It is great at building Java projects. Maven doesn’t act alone – its power is about bringing a lot of tools together to effect the build. It unites compilers, dependency managers, unit test managers and coverage reporting tools, packagers, javadoc producers and so on. Maven’s greatest power – and the feature that

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