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Docker Containers | Docker Images

Docker | Install and Use Docker is a revolutionary and disruptive technology that saves money, enhances security and encourages flexible and responsive IAAS (infrastructure as a service) architectures. Computer scientists would say it implements the immutable infrastructure pattern, from which most of its benefits emanate. Install Docker CE on Ubuntu 16.04 and 17.04 The simplest (most future proofed) Docker Community

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DevOps | Provisioning and Service Discovery Convention (MongoDb Example)

How do you auto-provision an application service? This (real-world) example uses Vagrant and Ruby to auto-provision MongoDb for a Java application. installation is a small part of provisioning. Pay attention to the convention used. Understand the convention and you can auto-provision any middleware service using any iaas technology for any application. The 3 Provisioning Steps There are 3 distinct steps

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