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Auto-Generate Jenkins Password Hash

Jenkins Password | Why Auto Generate? A Jenkins instance for every developer is DevOps best practice. Auto-generated passwords for every internal service instance eg Jenkins, MongoDb, Tomcat, ec2 servers is not only secure, it is simple – only external services should require long lived passwords. If you’ve forgotten your Jenkins password, the below steps will help you set another one

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AWS User Data Script | Auto Provision a Windows EC2 Instance

How to Script (Auto Provision) an AWS Windows EC2 Instance To auto provision an AWS Windows instance with a script that runs when the instance comes up – is a common (but poorly documented requirement). Scroll down for links to other net resources on this subject. Intro | AWS User Data Script that Auto Provisions a Windows Server We are

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How To Connect A Domain Name to AWS (EC2) Instance

Route 53 Record Sets | Map a Registered Domain onto an Amazon Machine (ec2) Instance Observable Value You have registered a domain like and you want the browser url to serve the index.html page on the apache2 middleware web server. Pre-Conditions you have registered a domain name with Amazon’s Route 53. Route 53 sets up (1) hosted zone

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DevOps | 7 Steps to Automate a Delivery Pipeline

The 7 DevOps Interactions that Automate Software Delivery No other website provides a detailed guide on how to automate your entire software delivery pipeline. DevOps is what Google, Amazon and Twitter use to deliver working software once, (sometimes twice) a day. It is also known as Continuous Delivery – and the point is to automate the software delivery pipeline –

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