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MSSQL | Configure SQL Server for Remote TCP/IP Connections

These instructions work for Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server Express. You can connect remotely through port 1433 from Windows and/or Linux instances. Configure SQL Server for Remote TCP/IP Connections Connecting remotely to SQL Server requires that you switch on SQL Server authentication, enable the TCP/IP protocol, and restart SQL Server so that the changes take

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Install SQLCMD on Windows using Chocolatey

You can install SQLCMD on Windows (for accessing Microsoft SQL Server databases, both locally and remotely). choco install sqlserver-cmdlineutils SQLCMD Install Log If all is well you can expect Chocolatey to produce the below SQLCMD install log. choco install sqlserver-cmdlineutils Chocolatey v0.10.5 Installing the following packages: sqlserver-cmdlineutils By installing you accept licenses for the packages. Progress: Downloading sqlserver-odbcdriver 13.1.4413.46… 100%

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