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DevOps Fact Management | Ruby and INI

DevOps | Managing Eco System Facts Fact management is at the heart of any good DevOps provisioning framework. The eco system (creation) framework is no different. Facts are produced and consumed in well-defined ways that follow convention and raise productivity. DevOps (SRE) facts can now be produced via INI files, environment variables and code. dynamically consumed through meta strings in

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Auto-Generate Jenkins Password Hash

Jenkins Password | Why Auto Generate? A Jenkins instance for every developer is DevOps best practice. Auto-generated passwords for every internal service instance eg Jenkins, MongoDb, Tomcat, ec2 servers is not only secure, it is simple – only external services should require long lived passwords. If you’ve forgotten your Jenkins password, the below steps will help you set another one

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Ruby’s Native String Handlers

String Handling in Ruby If nothing else, Ruby is the bees knees at manipulating strings. Try and avoid regular expressions as they are hard to read – often you can avoid them and use one of Ruby’s many in-built string tools instead. UpperCase | LowerCase | Ruby’s Case Managers str.capitalize Return a copy of str capitalized # “string” => “String”

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