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emacs version control commands

emacs version control (scm) emacs front end for Git, Subversion, Mercurial, CVS, Perforce, PVCS and SCCS For keyboard enthusiasts (ie productive IT professionals) – the emacs version control abstraction is second to none. Even Tortoise (the de-factor ui for windows) has different windows for Git, Subversion and so on. But the e-macs version control keyboard interfaces are powerful and consistent

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WordPress Comment Blacklist | Comment Spam Filter

WordPress Comment (Discussion) Spam Blacklist Cut and Paste the below spam filter list into your WordPress discussion blacklist. You find the discussion blacklist this by clicking on “Settings” then “Discussion”. Also WordPress Plugin Problems are a good reason to use the below spam filter while your site is still small. Installing plugins that you do not understand can leave you

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One word or IP per line | WordPress Discussion Word means Words

When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be marked as spam. One word or IP per line. It will match inside words, so “press” will match “WordPress”. The wording is poor on this WordPress discussion setting “configuration option”. Does “One word or IP per line” mean 1 Word? Straight

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