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JSON and JAVA Syntax Highlighters – Do it in Style?

Here are 7 ways to highlight JSON and JAVA code. The methods are a tad creative – but they need to be because there is no perfect silver bullet solution to highlighting your JSON, JAVA, SQL, JSON-LD, Maven, SBT and ANT syntax. You Can Highlight JAVA and JSON Syntax Syntax Highlighting is tough if you don’t know how. Highlighting JAVA

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HTML Entity Reference Chart

Every useful HTML entity and ASCII symbol is in this chart. For Better Display Use HTML Symbol Codes 	 	 	 CHARACTER TABULATION 

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Moving Image | Lamborghini Aventador

Remember the Website Content Checklist The website content checklist states the Key Pages Every Website Needs. This page is an example of moving image. Your website content must include moving images of any size, shape or form. These could be tutorials, related videos, ads, illustrations and even personnel profiles. Videos with you in it builds trust. Videos with your products

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Site Position in Google | 10 Ways to View Your Search Rank Performance

Seeing your site differently in Google’s SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) is “Must Have” skill for any website builder/promoter and SEO enthusiast. Why? A website’s search ranking is customized around the person who did the search. So to understand your site’s strengths and weaknesses, you should view your website through 10 different angles. Isn’t Google Analytics Google Enough? In short,

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Google Chrome Has a Warning Yellow Triangle and Grey Padlock on https – Help!

The Google Chrome warning yellow triangle when using HTTPS is disappointing after all your effort Creating a signed certificate request(public/private key pair) Contacting a Certificate Authority (CA) and paying for a countersign service Installing the SSL Certificate into Apache Setting up WordPress Admin or Forcing Apache to Use SSL Troubleshooting a Google Https Warning Triangle (Grey Padlock) Internet Explorer does

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25 Pages Every Website Needs | Website Content Checklist

The skillful author uses devices to keep us interested, to communicate information, to make us laugh and cry, to keep us on the edge of our seats. These devices include onomatopoeia, similes, alliteration, oxymorons, personification and many more. In much the same way – a webpage author / publisher / designer / content producer has a variety of user interface

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