Why Classify Your Tech Assets?

Why classify your IT inventory?

You can handle “Birds of a Feather” in the same way.
You can create folders to hold assets like documentation.
Produce the list and Candidates (plus IT agents) can judge if they are a good technical fit
Are new tools a good fit with your “Development” ethos?

Software Development Ethos

Your ethos may be based on open source tools, or Oracle products, or IBM. Yes you will have exceptions but understanding your ethos allows you pick out new products, people, off-the-shelf systems and processes that will result in a low friction integration.

Conversely, you can jettison technologies and middleware that make for an awkward fit.

Spotting Rival Products and Services

You can quickly see competing packages and products. You can also keep an eye on versions – what is the latest stable version and is your current version still supported?

Spot Game Changers and Disruptive Entrants

Spotting those game-changing disruptive market entrants early puts you in good stead. When AWS, Docker, Git and Hadoop arrived, they carved out a space for themselves that didn’t previously exist.

Spotting new classes and categories early allows you to steal a march on competitors – and it gives you a reputation for being “In the know”

Class Attributes

Tech/Tool Name
New Kid? Up and Coming?
Latest Stable Version
Is Legacy?
Driving Force? (Which Org is primarily behind it)?
Rough User Count

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