Clouds Yes, Sky High Costs No

Clouds are all good for bloggers and bankers

Cloud services are great for text heavy websites – like those built for and by insurance brokers, bloggers and bankers. But how about the media heavy sites that stream live video and offer downloads of DVDs and uploads of images?

Cloud Services without the Sky High Costs

Clouds plus high bandwidth requirements equals high costs. But there is a way round it. Does your site fall into the bracket below?

  • exploit cloud services – Yes Please
  • sky high bandwidth costs – No Thanks

The media server environment allows SMEs to exploit cloud infrastructure without being clobbered by sky high bandwidth costs. So how does it work?

Cloud Services Bandwidth Quota

With your web server in the cloud you enjoy high productivity because many support services are provided to you. However if your visitors start to download and enjoy your media – you could start paying through the nose.

Do your web visitors come for media?

Mainly textual web pages like this one with light images won’t ramp up your bandwidth usage. It will burn a hole in your pocket when your visitors

  • download and watch videos hosted on your site
  • view high quality images / photos in gallery pages
  • play games written in flash and stream multimedia
  • download app packages, exe files, iso files or podcasts
  • watch your web cams and subscribe to live video feeds

Heads They Win – Tails You Lose

You don’t want to incur the high cost of streaming media from the cloud. But you enjoy the control that comes from hosting your own media.

You must comply with these 1000 rules

YouTube and other media hosting shops bound and gag you in rules and regs. So much so that you are forever running just to comply with every whim and whimsical “usage guideline” sent down from up on high. Hosting your own media is like being on cloud 9 in comparison.

Employ a Media Server

You build yourself a media server (it’s just a glorified file server with a fancy name tag). You host it yourself or with one of the old-skool hosting providers (they are still out their scratching out a living).

Old skool providers let you have as much bandwidth as you need – they are not “cloud-scale” so bandwidth is not an issue.

And Link to Your Media from the Cloud

You wrap things up by linking to your new media server from your cloud hosted web pages. You still enjoy the cloud services but when your visitors click on the live video feed – your bandwidth quota reports still come in at well below average.

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