Command Documentation Template | How to Use This Command

This template is free – use it to catalogue your commands.

Command Catalogue Template

Command Name

Command Class => Change Commands === install, import,create, update, integrate, delete, move, copy, backup, deploy
Command Class => Read Commands === search, view, pinpoint, assess, check exists
Command Class => Update Commands === update, refresh, upgrade, renew, download
Command Class => Message Commands === send, reply
Command Class => Channel Commands === open channel, handshake, create tunnel
(Delete as appropriate)


What problem does the command solve?
What does it (briefly) do?
When should (or shouldn't) you use this command?


You want to do this – so make sure

  • this thing is installed
  • you have those credentials
  • you have a backup of …

The Steps

  1. Go to this folder.
  2. Check this thing is in it.
  3. Do this or else

svn import command parameters

After The Event

  • this will happen
  • that will happen
  • check this test that

Other Command Configurations

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