How to Configure OrientDB on Ubuntu

What HTTP port is OrientDb listening on?

After starting OrientDB the Log4J output will contain a line telling us which HTTP port it is listening on.

2016-04-17 04:42:15:457 INFO Listening http connections on (protocol v.10, socket=default) [OServerNetworkListener]

Port 2480 is what the above line says.

Access OrientDb via HTTP and Bin

Build the URL like this.


The output should be a lovely sea scene – well done.

On the command line you can run the netstat commands (first for binary connections and then for HTTP connections).

sudo netstat -plunt | grep 2424
sudo netstat -plunt | grep 2480

The output should be something similar to this for both commands.

tcp6 0 0 :::2480 :::* LISTEN 2680/java

Connect to OrientDb Console on Linux (Ubuntu)

The console is like the MySQL and other CLIs (Command Line Interfaces).

sudo /opt/orientdb/bin/
Then connect to the root account with the password we set up earlier.

connect remote: root root-password

How Exit and Quit OrientDb

You can type exit to quit and Ctrl-C to come out of the shell running OrientDB.

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