DevOps | HashiCorp’s Vault

How to Install HashiCorp’s Vault on Ubuntu 16.04

Let’s download HashiCorp’s Vault, unzip and then run it in development mode first.

Download HashiCorp’s Vault

Use wget to get the Vault’s runtime collateral.

wget -o vault-download.log

Check the download logs with cat vault-download.log

Unzip and Run HashiCorp’s Vault

Ensure that unzip is installed on the system. The Infrastructure as Code IDE (Infrastructure Development Environment) installs unzip by default. Once that is done you can unzip it and then fire up your development vault.

  • sudo unzip -q -d /usr/local/bin
  • vault server -dev

On Ubuntu the “vault” file should automatically be created with execute permissions allowing us to immediately run it in dev mode. That’s just the beginning, now let’s learn to actually use this very powerful DevOps configuration and secrets management system.

Ruby Highlighting Test

Okay the Wiki Text is different.

Let’s test pasting in some ruby code to see whether the syntax highlighting works as well as it should.

  theTimeNow =
  julianDays =
  julianDayN = sprintf '%03d', julianDays
  yearDayRef = theTimeNow.strftime("%y") + julianDayN
  hourMinRef = theTimeNow.strftime("%H") + theTimeNow.strftime("%M")
  dayNameRef = theTimeNow.strftime("%a")

The test seems to have worked out well. The formatting is all good.