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Do Not Version These Artifacts

Do not version these 7 key artifact types. If necessary use the gitignore, svnignore and cvsignore features. Better still – arrange your download, create, build, deploy and delivery systems so that these files do not end up in your versioned directory tree.

The 7 file types (artifacts) that are not suitable for versioning are

  1. passwords, security keys and credential files
  2. large media files (videos, big images)
  3. downloadable install/upgrade files
  4. disk images and large virtual machine files ( like vdi and iso files)
  5. large database and other recovery archive files
  6. build target files – Do version the source files including the build scripts. Don’t version build output files like JAR files, WAR files, EAR files, exe files
  7. Already versioned or recoverable files – like WordPress content versioned by WordPress and recoverable through MySQL database backups

The above files should not be inside versioning systems like CVS, SVN, Perforce, Git, PCVS.

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