Google Analytics – The 7 KPI’s

Google Analytics – 7 #s Make All the Difference

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Value Proposition ✈ Evolving a website’s quality and increasing its traffic and reputation can be done methodically when employing the services of Google Analytics. Without it, updating your website’s current content and adding new content becomes little more than a stab in the dark.

Adding and updating content willy nilly is an exercise in futility. As in poring of pages and pages of analytics. Lots of things make a difference. But being productive is about knowing what, makes the biggest difference.

Boost Website Traffic with 7 Snippets of Intelligence

7 Numbers Make All ( 80% of ) the Difference

In the world of website analytics – some are definitely more equal than others.

Many drown in the plethora of available website analytics. They waste valuable time sifting through Website data reports, countries, age groups and more. You can steal a march on them.

Just 7 things make 80% of the difference when it comes to

  • improving search rankings
  • ratcheting up visitor volumes
  • converting traffic into conversation

The business of improving search rankings, upping visitor numbers, and nailing conversions ting and conversing and scoring conengines, websites, and their visitors, just 7 things make 80% of e difference and Little do they know – that only 7 things – will
Google Analytics gives you 7 Key Performance Indicators that Driving up website traffic The 7
In Google Analytics The top 7 snipp
Google Analytics is the feedback you need to grown your website’s traffic in a manner that is productive, efficient and cost effective. makes the business of and conversions If used “intelligentlyh”, Google Analytics your website evolution becomes more a science than is what drives your website quality.
Google Analytics is a resource giving you

Top 7 (Google) Analytics

  • click through rates – ┬áso that you can improve your search page propositions
  • bounce rates – highlighting pages that don’t deliver on their SERP (title) promise
  • acquisition channels – so you can balance direct, referral, organic and paid traffic
  • landing pages – helping you understand the doorways to your site
  • exit pages – these are the doorways out of your site – not always a bad thing
  • device reports – in case mobile or tablet visitors are not being well catered for
  • browser reports – so that you can hone your testing for the day’s top browsers

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