Google Chrome Has a Warning Yellow Triangle and Grey Padlock on https – Help!

The Google Chrome warning yellow triangle when using HTTPS is disappointing after all your effort

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Troubleshooting a Google Https Warning Triangle (Grey Padlock)

Internet Explorer does not complain about parts of a page not retrieved through https, though it should (and it doesn’t colour “https” like Chrome).
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Google Chrome quite rightly does. And when it does follow the below troubleshooting steps until Google Chrome restores the Green Padlock and the green “https” prefix.

  1. a flattened menu suggests http protocol calls for CSS and JavaScript resources.
  2. In WordPress dig into header.php to find the http .css or .js calls
  3. WordPress post “featured images” often use http calls for .png, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg files.
  4. Find other media files like .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .csv, .xml
  5. Anchor HREFS around images (not text) can cause the Chrome Yellow Triangle to Appear

The toughest of the above nuts to crack, invariably will be the “featured image” URL in WordPress. You can Google “How to change featured image URL from http to https” and the results are lacklustre. That’s why we’ve covered it here.

How to change featured image URL from http to https

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