How to Customize Subversion HTML Index Template

Why Brand Subversion Index Page

Why re-brand the Subversion home page – it gives your users a consistent look and feel as they browse your intranet or version controlled assets. The current page template is minimalistic even for open source standards.

View the source of Subversion's home page and you will see

<html><head><title>assets - Revision 0: /</title></head>
 <h2>assets - Revision 0: /</h2>
 <hr noshade><em>Powered by <a href="">Apache Subversion</a> version 1.8.8 (r1568071).</em>

We can easily rebrand Subversion's welcome page so that the repository items – rich with information and meta data – are displayed in a professional manner.

Extra Repository Information

At the very least you want to be able to see the following information alongside every repository item on the level you are browsing.

  • Repository Item Name
  • Checked In Date/Time
  • Checked In User Name
  • Last Changed Revision Number
  • Last Changed Date/Time
  • Last Changed Username

Your Branded Template

You want to see your website's major links at the top. Perhaps a sidebar – and/or the information displayed using the stylesheets that your users find so appealing.

Subversion Index Html Example

Now you know the benefits of re-branding and customizing the Subversion Index HTML, let's begin with a customized example.

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