How to Put Your Business on the (Google) Map

You go to Google Plus and register your business.
You enter your address.
Google Business Setup Mail Me PostCard to Verify Site

Google Business Setup Form Collecting Categories and Name Address Details

Google Business Setup Opening Hours Icon and Landing Page

Verify Your Business Google Business Setup
Google send you a postcard with a 4 digit code.
(In the UK it takes 3 or 4 days to arrive).

When you receive it – enter the code again in Google+
Now it says your business is verified.

When users search in Google Maps – Your business will show up with a pin sticking inside it.

Great for
– home tuition
– cookery classes
– local flower shops
– farm produce
– local cleaning services
– local computer fixing services
– children playgroups
– local issue campaigns.

You get it – if your business needs to appeal locally – why fight in Google Ads with the big multinationals.
Just register and you’ll pop up on local searches.

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