How To Use 2 WordPress Themes in 1 Website

Two or more WordPress themes in 1 site is not just possible, it is virtually a “Must-Have” for medium to large websites.

Why Run 2 or More WordPress Themes on the Same Website

Most WordPress themes are lacking in certain aspects and where these aspects are distinct in terms of web pages, shoring up with another theme is often a very good solution.

So you can have your photo galleries, your forums, your organisational structure pages and more running on a different WordPress theme. It is not uncommon for big sites to use 3 or 4 themes.

How to use 2 WordPress Themes in the Same Site

You install WordPress in “Multi-Site” mode. This installation and use was buggy 5 years ago. But now it works smoothly without any issues. One feature is rather annoying though – you need to install plugins in the “daddy umbrella site” but do NOT activate them. For this you need to go into the “child site” and activate the plugin you want to use.

This feature is annoying because the text “Activate this plugin for the network” kind of implies you can switch it on across the board. But do that and it won’t work.

With the multi-site installation up and running – just download the themes you want to use and create new sites.

To link them together you just create a link on one site to the other.

Checklist – 2 Or More WordPress Themes in the Same Site

Run through the below checklist to satisfy yourself that everything is as it should be.

  • Are your analytix trackers (Google Analytics, Bing Analytics and Alexa) verified on page
  • If analytics trackers are verified by your domain name account or an external file you are fine.
  • You must copy your tracking scripts into both sites (manually into header.php or through your theme’s panel
  • unify your headers and footers if necessary for a consistent look and feel (blast away theme’s header CSS)

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