IT File Organization, Directory Templates & Folder Structure

How you organize IT files, structure folders and setup directory hierarchies determines ease of access, evolution and communication. Agility and rampant productivity arise from putting information in the right place, be that version control, network drives, project tools, email systems and an array of databases.

File Organization Resources

Which file organization resources, be that sink containers, directory structures, project information or database data types do you need?

  1. Data, Information and Artifacts at the Highest Level
  2. Technology Library Hierarchy with readme docs (ZIP FILE)

File Organization Documentation

An understanding the folder hierarchies, the information types, and the difference between data, information and artifacts is what these resources lead to.
Search and Sort information Organized within your Website

The Story of the Artifact

The story of the artifact is a great way to get your feet wet. Delve into

  1. artifact classes and objectives
  2. artifact source and sink actors
  3. artifact searching and productivity
  4. the artifact probable life-cycle
  5. artifact security and sensitivity
  6. artifact ranking algorithms
  7. artifact retirement and archiving

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