JSON+LD | How to tell Google Your Website Name

Why Should You Point out Your Logo to Google?

You use JSON-LD to say to Google “This is the natural website name I would like you to use in my SERPS listings”.

When building a business website you want to take as many opportunities you can possible get of differentiating your online profile from that of your competitors. This is a simple way but it adds that sweet smack of professionalism.

If your URL is joe-bloggs-hair-22 dot com you have an opportunity to refer to yourself as “Joe Bloggs Hair Stylists”.

The Rules Google States

  • Your business name must resemble the URL
  • Your business name can’t be in use by a bigger business than you (sorry)
  • The name must be a reflection of your site offering. You can’t call yourself a “Money Lender” if you are a driving instructor!

The JSON+LD Code That Specifies Your Business (Website) Name

<script type="application/ld+json">
      "@context": "http://schema.org",
       "@type" : "WebSite",
       "name" : "Build Business Websites",
       "alternateName" : "Building Websites for SMEs",
       "url": "https://www.build-business-websites.co.uk/"

Put the above script anywhere inside your html page – either the BODY or the HEAD tag is fine (just not one foot in both camps)!

How to Verify Your JSON-LD Script That Specifies Your Natural Business Name

You can test that you have done it right with the “Structured Data Testing Tool” inside Google Webmaster Tools.

The image below is what you see if the structured data testing tool verifies the JSON+LD script.

JSON+LD Verification Screen

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