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A business website’s first 1000 backlinks should be a tick-box affair. Sadly we can’t create them for you (don’t be duped by software claiming the reverse) but we do provide feedback reports that chart progress.

Feedback on 1000 Backlinks Progress

As many businesses offshore this backlink admin list, we’ve implemented a “feedback” service which gives you a report based on whether the individual sites below carry your URL. There is usually a 4 to 6 week lag to the time when the search engines and tools like Alexa (from Amazon) notice the links.

Cost := As you can see the below list is free but we sell the feedback reports for £99.99. This covers a 6 month period and the reports are e-mailed out (or available through your login), based on the schedule of your choosing.

Skills Portfolio for Acquiring the 1st 1,000 backlinks

There is a lot of value to be gained in sitting down first with your staff list, and then with the staff themselves to see what skills they can bring to the table that will smooth out the burden of creating your first one thousand backlinks. Be prepared for much volunteering but little action when they return to the heat of battle.

Make sure you

  • read the Backlinks Skills Portfolio so you know what skills you’ll need
  • some carrots – backlinks are easy to track and attribute so keep praise, recognition and dollar bills at hand
  • some sticks – their is no i in team but their is in stIck – so that it doesn’t backfire – ensure you are going to carry out any cajolements before you issue threats
  1. Ensure the Google Accounts – WebMaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Ad-Words are claimed
  2. Similarly for the Bing (microsoft search engine) and its WebMaster tools suite
  3. Create factual info (history, products, personnel) on Wikipedia (avoid a sales pitch)
  4. Register site on Alexa – Basic plan is £10, next is £50 to £70, Gold is £150, Platinum isn’t worth it
  5. Create factual info (history, products, personnel) on Wikipedia (avoid a sales pitch)
  6. Create one YouTube video for every 10 pages of content and add it on your Google Account
  7. Find an independent (preferably in your line of business) to link from their video (1 in 20 pages)
  8. Create images media branded on the inside, not the outside, useful 4 others with 100% your own IP for Google Images
  9. Create a Pinterest account and create boards every week (at worst monthly), ensure all on-site images can be pinned
  10. Create a Vimeo account and keep posting half of your YouTube videos, but also create videos solely for this platform
  11. Ensure that as many “public domain” presentations are made (and old ones adapted), and post them on
  12. Use this list of 10 top RSS directories – ensure that your content is automatically posted to these publishers
  13. Register with Yahoo directory – be sure to provide accurate information about your business and its products
  14. Create an account on Yellow Pages. Ensure that 10 independents give honest reviews about your services
  15. Create a free account on GitHub and share any interesting tech work underway, cajole independents to help you
  16. Create a podcast for every 40 pages of content – make it good, publish it onto the top podcast services
  17. Create a business phone app (using Objective C technology)- however small – register it in Apple’s AppStore
  18. Create an Android app (using IntelliJ from JetBrains and the Android SDK) and register it on Google’s Play apps
  19. Write a small JAVA app for the BlackBerry store
  20. Ensure all employees actively participate in 2 industry specific blogs (list here) count and reward for backlinks
  21. ensure all employees have Linked In accounts and that their accounts all reference their place of work
  22. Create a PRLog account – VERY IMPORTANT – you need a “business e-mail address” NOT A FREE one like @gmail or @hotmail

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