Offshore Personnel Required

Offhsore Personnel Required to Launch Website

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We are launching new websites that will accumulate football betting tips for a UK and Eastern European target audience.

The Service We Provide

We aim to provide a simple but unique service the complements the entertaining world of football and the large betting portals such as Bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power and the like.

How Will We Make Money?

Our websites are about providing information and analytics – a sort of “he says, she says”. We will not make money through the placement of bets. Also, we don’t forsee any significant income neither via direct advertising (like Google Ad-Sense) nor indirect advertising (like YouTube).

The income sources we are targetting are

  1. commission from Betting agencies by forwarding customers to them
  2. small one-off fees for site access to timely information

The Service We Need

We aim to hire offshore personnel on a contractual basis. More important than cost is motivation plus an appreciation of what we are trying to achieve and how we plan to do it.

We desire feedback. We want to hear ideas and we like to be challenged. If there is a better way of getting something done we want to know abou it.

How will we communicate?

Great communication channels are vital so that everyone is heard and everyone gets what they need.

The Jira Task and Issue Tracking Portal

For the first few months much of the work is task oriented so we propose using Atlassian Jira for two-way assignment and task management. Jira communication tools include

  1. built in task workflows
  2. a chat facility for ad-hoc questions
  3. boards for an instant overview

The portal holds all our projects, sprints and issues.

The Jira facility is here.

Other Communication Channels

As well as setting and actioning tasks, we want to exploit

  1. chat (and wiki) facilities for instant answers and support
  2. Skype and/or phone call catch-ups every couple of weeks
  3. informal face to face monthly meetings with UK coordinators

What Work Needs to be Done

The immediate requirements are to introduce our new websites to the wider internet community.

We want to embed our websites into the social fabric of the internet. This is the first phase of link building.

The work will involve registrations, account creation, plus daily and weekly activities production support tasks. This includes ad-hoc responses to the website’s analytics and any incident and crisis management tasks.

At the beginning, one can expect to

  1. perform registrations with dMoz, Yahoo Directory, Yellow Pages, Alexa
  2. monitor website analytics (from Google Analytics, AWStatsa) and produce reports
  3. send introductory e-mails to industry players and track responses
  4. moderate comments and reply to queries from website visitors

More Information

For more information please contact either

Ivaylo Todorov on
Apollo Akora on

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