Don’t Install WordPress Plugins Until You Read This

WordPress Plugin Hell

High cloud costs from resource usage, damaged reputation, blacklisted, data loss, days spent firefighting, and months of good SEO practices gone down the drain – thanks to reputation sapping backlinks you never even knew you had.

From bitter experience website developers keep WordPress plugins at arms length. WordPress plugins are a bit like fire, useful at times, but soul destroying if not kept under control. It’s not just your pocket they can burn a hole through – this list explain what wayward plugins can – and very frequently do – do.

8 Common Problems Bestowed by WordPress Plugins

  1. plugins from big players are overpowering (Yoast for example) with popup madness
  2. plugins from little players are unsafe and have “unspecified motives”
  3. all plugins and themes attempt to create backlinks which drain your SEO link juice
  4. once installed they need constant upgrades and updates
  5. your set of WordPress plugins are unique to you so “togetherness” problems are yours and yours alone
  6. plugins introduce security holes (knowingly or otherwise)
  7. plugins may rack up bandwidth usage causing large bills from your cloud provider
  8. plugins can burn up your CPU usage and munch through your disk space allocation

WordPress Plugins Are Not All Bad

WordPress Plugin Heaven

The plugins concept when working well, deliver plug and play functionality that would previously have taken a software developer weeks (if not months) to implement.

Plugins – Too Much of a Good Thing Trap

One WordPress plugin is awesome – so 20 WordPress plugins must be 20 × as Awesome

Don’t fall into the “too much of a good thing” trap. A handful of sweet one (or 2) feature plugins make for sweet website construction and maintenance. But the law of averages states that once you reach the 10 plugins mark you are likely to pay a big price that you never bargained for.

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