Simple Share Buttons (Google Analytics)

If Google Analytics reports referral traffic from simple share buttons (or darodar) to your site all with a 100% bounce rate (and zero visit time), you are a victim of the simple share buttons (and/or Darodar) scam.

Why is this scam harmful to you? The short answer is that

Google Analytics registers a 100% Bounce Rate

Simple Share Buttons Scam Motivation

Why Target New Websites?

This simple share buttons scam targets new websites. But why? Think – you have lovingly built a new (small) website and you are eagerly checking Google Analytics to view meagre traffic numbers.

You notice these 100% bounce rates – it worries you – so you go and look at the site

  1. Google “simple share buttons” to investigate (legitimate search)
  2. You click around their search – About Us, Contact Us … (0% bounce rate)

They have scratched your back (illigitimately and unpleasantly) – and you return the favour by rubbing oil over theirs. More on this but first, never visit their websites.

IMPORTANT – Never Visit the URLs listed in Google Analytics under the Simple Share Buttons website

Doing so rewards their mischievousness with bountiful backhanded complements.

bountiful backhanded complements

It increases their own legitimate human traffic visits and gifts them an almost 0% bounce rate! How ironic that the unwitting victims afflicted with illegitimate traffic and 100% bounce rates, reciprocate the parasitical actions with such bountiful backhanded complements.

Why pick on small sites

What happens if you scratch the back of an elephant? Nothing.

That’s why the scam doesn’t touch high volume sites. Even a thousand hits with 100% bounce rates does not ring any bells in a large site. So no one would search for them, create a near 100% CTR (click through rate), and click around purposely generating an almost 0% bounce rate.

And for your trouble – you can pick up a nasty virus. Some of these nasties (trojan horses) – can actually make your site a danger to others (through an embedded code attack) – so for your trouble, Google will scare away any users attempting to access your site – with a big red screen – lasting from 3 to 6 months after you have cleaned up the offending pages.

The scammers are trying to reduce the search rankings and the reputation of the targeted sites. because Google counts the 100% bounce rate as undesirable and subsequently sends very little organic search traffic to affected sites.

The simple share buttons scam hit in March 2015 and is continuing through to April and so on. It is worrying as it is accompanied by very low organic search traffic.

Call To Action – Share Buttons Scam

Our advice is that you do nothing for a few days. But keep it on your worry list and the problem sometimes just goes away after a few days. When this Google Analytics scam crosses over from time will tell to time has told then you need to take action.

Why should I take action to stop this Simple Share Buttons Scam? Because your website’s organic search traffic will be choked off by Google (and their systems). The bounce rate is always 100% so your average bounce rate (if you are a new or low-traffic site) will get adversely affected. The smaller you are, the more you will suffer.

Click to see Detailed Image

Simple Share Buttons and Darodar in Google Analytics Causes 100% Bounce Rate and Reputation Loss

50% of your organic search traffic typically originates from Google. Google Search – Traffic Source Allocation Algorithm explains why your organic search volumes (irregardless of your site’s quality, to an extent) should be in the 40% to 60% ball park.

This traffic sources allocation pie chart shows a young website suffering from this Simple Share Buttons affliction. Its organic search traffic slice accounts for just 10% of traffic volumes. The Google Traffic Source Allocation Algo post explains why this situation should not (under normal circumstances arise). If your site is running low (less than 25%) organic search volumes and you can see Simple Share Buttons representing a non-negligible portion of your traffic – it is almost certain that the Search Buttons scam is hurting your. To prevent your hard work going down the garden path – you need to take action. But what can you do?

Broadly the actions available to yourself should fall into one of the below categories

  1. Changing .htaccess web server file to refute connections
  2. Contact Google Analytics to ask them to Filter Out this Scam
  3. Drastically up your traffic volumes so the 100% bounce rate Averages Out to Nothing

Simple Share Buttons “You are not alone”

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