GoDaddy Certificates vs Amazon Certificate Manager

Amazon Certificate Manager or GoDaddy Certificates

To get an SSL certificate from GoDaddy will take a couple of hours at least, but for the price you get certificates the good old fashioned way.

You could use AWS certificate manager but to do that you must be able to receive email on the domain that you want the SSL certificate managed.
So for example if you wanted a certificate for you would need to be able to receive mail on or

Setting up e-mail carries a cost. But so does the GoDaddy certificates. A 1 year certificate (with 3 or 4 sub domains) will set you back £120 for the bog standard service. The premium (business) one which gives you the green writing in the browser ( a must for shopping portals and the like ) is £280.

Amazon Certificate Manager is Free But Different

You need e-mail for the domain, that you know – but there is more.

Amazon certificates force you to manage certificates at the “Elastic Load Balancer” layer.

For some sites this is a good thing. No more generating CSR signing requests – no more locking down your private key with chmod 400. Auto renew without intervention.

However the change comes at a price. You need to relearn how to enforce HTTPS and for those that have HTTPS for some services and not for others will find the ELB rather inflexible.

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