Subversion Command Catalogue | The 9 Most Used SVN Commands

The Subversion Command Catalogue

The 7 Most Used Commands are covered in detail. Other useful commands are catalogued below.

The 7 Most Used Subversion Commands

  • Subversion Help Command | svn help – Grab some help for any of the subversion commands
  • Subversion Import Command | svn import – import a folder into the subversion repository
  • Subversion Export Command | svn export – export a versioned folder into the local filesystem
  • Subversion Status Command | svn status – report of the new, deleted and modified files and folders
  • Subversion Add Command | svn add – help adding working copy files and folders into the repository
  • Subversion Delete Command | svn delete – help deleting repository held files and folders
  • Subversion Ignore Command | svn ignore – ignore name patterns in your reports and activities
  • Subversion Commit Command | svn commit – commit changes to the Subversion repository
  • Subversion revert Command | svn revert – revert a file or folder like an undo command would

More Subversion Commands

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