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Don’t Install WordPress Plugins Until You Read This

WordPress Plugin Hell High cloud costs from resource usage, damaged reputation, blacklisted, data loss, days spent firefighting, and months of good SEO practices gone down the drain – thanks to reputation sapping backlinks you never even knew you had. From bitter experience website developers keep WordPress plugins at arms length. WordPress plugins are a bit like fire, useful at times,

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Moving Image | Lamborghini Aventador

Remember the Website Content Checklist The website content checklist states the Key Pages Every Website Needs. This page is an example of moving image. Your website content must include moving images of any size, shape or form. These could be tutorials, related videos, ads, illustrations and even personnel profiles. Videos with you in it builds trust. Videos with your products

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25 Pages Every Website Needs | Website Content Checklist

The skillful author uses devices to keep us interested, to communicate information, to make us laugh and cry, to keep us on the edge of our seats. These devices include onomatopoeia, similes, alliteration, oxymorons, personification and many more. In much the same way – a webpage author / publisher / designer / content producer has a variety of user interface

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