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Moving Image | Lamborghini Aventador

Remember the Website Content Checklist The website content checklist states the Key Pages Every Website Needs. This page is an example of moving image. Your website content must include moving images of any size, shape or form. These could be tutorials, related videos, ads, illustrations and even personnel profiles. Videos with you in it builds trust. Videos with your products

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JSON-LD | Google’s Favourite Technology

Why JSON-LD is Google’s Favourite Google’s secret strategy is to keep you in Google (not necessarily a bad thing). To achieve this Google must lift content from websites (under a “better user experience” cover story). Now to lift content from websites requires a good understanding of what that content is – and that’s where JSON-LD steps in. The Internet on

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Sitemap Information

Validating your Sitemap The following XML schemas define the elements and attributes that can appear in your Sitemap file. You can download this schema from the links below: For Sitemaps: For Sitemap index files: There are a number of tools available to help you validate the structure of your Sitemap based on this schema. You can find a

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