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How to Build an Ubuntu Server (16.04)

You can use other Linux operating systems. The commands will differ but the essence is the same. Operating System : Ubuntu Server 14.04 How to Build an Ubuntu Middleware Server Your server infrastructure can be based either on titanium and silicon, or it could be a virtual machine. Your virtual machine can be cloud based – like on the Amazon

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Command Line Interface | Use the 4 CLIs to Manage Middleware

A command line interface is a User Interface | Human Computer Interface | Tool for managing Middleware Services There are 4 types of Command Line Interface. 3 Ways to Interact with Middleware Services We must interact, invoke, evoke and administer middleware services. The 3 ways to do this are via a GUI ( a Graphical User Interface ), a CLI

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Enterprise Application Development | Evolution Vs Revolution

It pays to think of Enterprise Application Development in two ways. Evolution Revolution Evolution Evolution is the exploration, creation, delivery and feedback loop. Software is created, web pages, media and even test harnesses. The evolution cycle is driven by the needs of the enterprise and the needs of the application’s users, maintainers and developers. It is also driven by the

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