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How to Install Nexus on Ubuntu 16.04

If you manage more than one JAVA module – you’ll need Nexus. Nexus works best alongside JAVA (.jar, .ear, .war) or Groovy or Scala software a Jenkins Continuous Integration Server (or Continuum or Hudson) a Maven or ANT or SBT or Gradle build management tool Before installing your Nexus repository – come see ours, in the flesh. see our Nexus

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Route Jenkins SSL Traffic Via an Apache Proxy Server

How to Route Jenkins HTTP Requests Through Apache Mapping SSL traffic destined for Jenkins via an Apache proxy server is a continuation of Routing Jenkins HTTP Requests Through Apache. Jenkins 2 Admin Password Requires SSL If your Jenkins server is out in the big wide internet, it needs protection. Jenkins 2 brings administrator passwords – if you use plain HTTP

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How to Install Jenkins 2 on Ubuntu 16.04

This is about installing Jenkins 2 on Linux. (the process is similar for Windows installs). Our Jenkins2 Installation Before installing Jenkins2 – glance at our Jenkins2 Continuous Integration Server.   What Jenkins is Made Of Jenkins is a continuous integration server and needs everything a middleware service needs. It’s a JAVA web application so in theory you can drop a

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