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IT File Organization, Directory Templates & Folder Structure

How you organize IT files, structure folders and setup directory hierarchies determines ease of access, evolution and communication. Agility and rampant productivity arise from putting information in the right place, be that version control, network drives, project tools, email systems and an array of databases. File Organization Resources Which file organization resources, be that sink containers, directory structures, project information

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Apache Https SSL and Certificate Portal

How Configure HTTPS Secure Sockets Layer with a Certificate Authority (CA) Pre-Conditions Apache2, WordPress, OpenSSL must be installed Website Security, SSL, HTTPS, Public/Private Keys and Certificate Related Links The Key HowTo guides cover website security and relate to the below products, technologies, content management systems, scripting languages and script/key files. Apache2 Web Server SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) HTTPS (HyperText Transfer

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