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How To Connect A Domain Name to AWS (EC2) Instance

Route 53 Record Sets | Map a Registered Domain onto an Amazon Machine (ec2) Instance Observable Value You have registered a domain like and you want the browser url to serve the index.html page on the apache2 middleware web server. Pre-Conditions you have registered a domain name with Amazon’s Route 53. Route 53 sets up (1) hosted zone

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How to Build an Ubuntu Server (16.04)

You can use other Linux operating systems. The commands will differ but the essence is the same. Operating System : Ubuntu Server 14.04 How to Build an Ubuntu Middleware Server Your server infrastructure can be based either on titanium and silicon, or it could be a virtual machine. Your virtual machine can be cloud based – like on the Amazon

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Jenkins Behind Apache | How to Configure Apache as a Proxy for Jenkins

How to Route Jenkins HTTP Requests Through Apache If Jenkins is part of your toolset, it pays to run it behind Apache. 1. You do not want 2. So change it to The clutch of tools in the domain all share the “behind Apache” middleware pattern. Jenkins at MediaWiki at Subversion at This page

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How to Install Jenkins 2 on Ubuntu 16.04

This is about installing Jenkins 2 on Linux. (the process is similar for Windows installs). Our Jenkins2 Installation Before installing Jenkins2 – glance at our Jenkins2 Continuous Integration Server.   What Jenkins is Made Of Jenkins is a continuous integration server and needs everything a middleware service needs. It’s a JAVA web application so in theory you can drop a

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Wiki vs WordPress – When and How to Use a Wiki

When should you use a wiki? And when is WordPress the better tool for managing content? MediaWiki vs WordPress MediaWiki and WordPress both manage content and that’s where the similarity starts and ends. WordPress – One Post One Owner In WordPress one person writes a post, another may edit and publish it, and even more others can critique it with

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Data Laundering | How To and Tools

Data Laundering vs Data Debt Data you are given, data you produce, data that evolves – it will either already be in debt, or it will slide into debt. Paying Back Data Debt Data debt is like software debt – sooner or later, you’ll pay. Here is a small and simple data laundering backbone that isn’t just a tool, it

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